The Choice for Millennia, Love & Life, Or Domination & Death
Your Endorsement of All The Gender Parity Declarations (see links on Website), because of their central feature, ReEvolution out of Patriarchy to Gender Partnership and an End to All the False Hierarchies of Skin Color and Class, Indicate That You Are Ready for Your New Millennia to begin, without the false hierarchies and illusion about "Power" and "Wealth" in which Humanity has imbedded and deceived itself for several thousand years of human herandhistory. Your HerandHistoric endorsement and the speed with which you assist others to do the same may likely be a factor in deciding whether Humanity on Earth Destroys Itself Entirely, and Its Home Planet, or Survives, Sustains and Thrives for New Millennia. When You and Those You Assist to Do So, Endorse the Declarations, Congratulations! You Have Become CoFounding SisterMothers and BrotherFathers of a New Age of Truer and Kinder Enlightenment, Divinely Endowed as Potential to be Actualized, in Every Human Being, Female and Male. This is the New Millenniall Golden Rule which makes Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You Achievable and Sustainable for Both Genders and All People On This and Every Loving, Living Planet.
Note: We Apologize that the host that the otherwise excellent free service Wordpress, uses, incorporates the word daddy, but leaves out mommy, in its name. Just another indicator of how pervasive and casual is sexism is in our culture.


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